Our Founder

Jeffie Jean Bolton

 Miss Jeffie was known all over the world - dancing and singing from a small little girl.

It was then, her colorful life began to unfurl.

Starting at 2 in Memphis, TN, studying and practicing to be the best she could be!

The prize pupil of her teacher she called "Miss Louise", little Jeffie Jean performed solos at the young age of three.

Stealing the show, front row-center stage, this unbelievable child was always the rage!

Then her mother, Jeffie Zell Ward, knew it was time to go far, so off to New York Miss Jeffie traveled to become quite a star!

She studied from Luigi, Henry LeTang, and the such...knowing all the while Jeffie Jean was too much!

A background of theatre, singing, dancing on stage, New York molded her personality at a very young age.

Then the years passed, she danced class after class.

Always reaching the top, knowing she couldn't stop!

Her goal to be a teacher, the Jeffie Jean dancers to be the feature.

A long line of tradition, dancers with ambition.

Well here we are, Ms. Jeffie's dream you see.  Grandmothers, mothers, children, generations of three.

Her dream will live, go on you know, because today, the Jeffie Jean Dancers must go on with the show!